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Hide Naito founded Norcrest China Co., an importer of fine china and dinnerware in 1921. Since its founding, the company under Hide Naito and his two sons, Sam and Bill Naito, expanded into many new businesses including Naito Properties. Sam Naito is the president of the company.

Naito Parkway, a major downtown Portland street, was named to honor Bill Naito (1926 - 1996), the company's many redevelopment and revitalization projects, and the Naito family's many civic contributions over the decades.

The company's other widely known business is the Made In Oregon chain of stores. Made In Oregon has 10 unique retail stores across Oregon, each with its own personality. From the sophisticated Washington Square store, stocking the largest selection of Oregon wines, to the beautiful Newport store on the Oregon Coast. We also have stores at the Portland International Airport, a center of activity for visitors to our great state. We've proven ourselves as leaders in supporting what we think is important - and that is the PEOPLE of Oregon. Our integrity as a company seeking to share and preserve the beauty of Oregon is unrivalled. The high quality products that we carry have become world renowned.


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